5 tips for a successful Conference attendance

by Simona Bostan

5 tips for a successful Conference attendance

by Simona Bostan

by Simona Bostan

Whether you have a new product on the market, or you are already well known, if you exhibit at a conference or event in your field, here are 5 tips to make your event successful:

  1. Choose the best Conference/Event to attend

You have your product; you know your target markets and if it is a B2B or B2C or both. All you have to do is choose the conference you want to participate.

You can narrow it down by considering three factors:

  • Size: small (under 5,000 attendees), medium (bigger than 5,000 attendees) or bigger conferences (over 10,000 attendees);
  • Recognition: every conference has its own reputation and crowd quality;
  • Location: if your product is being offered worldwide (within allowed jurisdictions) then the work into finding the right one is a bit harder;
  • Be remembered

Don’t attend an event and have a stand just for the sake of being there. Make sure people remember your company, your personnel and your product. You can achieve that by using different methods, including stand size and uniqueness, unique branded gadgets and giveaways, employees full of energy with good knowledge of the product and any ready answers for any unforeseen questions that might arise;

  • Get the best ROI

I often see that companies don’t make the best of their presence at a conference. If you are ready to spend money on being there, make sure you come prepared to get feedback from potential customers, retain their info, follow up and don’t forget to have fun.

  • Use professionals

Although many companies benefit of having an in-house Event Management team, don’t leave your exhibition in the hands of untrained employees that do not have experience in the field. Make the use of professionals, such as our team that will understand your needs, provide you with the best advice based on experience and many conferences we attended.

  • Budget

There is something to be done for every budget. With the right team and with enough time in advance up to the conference the better.

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