What do you need to prepare for a trade-show?

by Simona Bostan

What do you need to prepare for a trade-show?

by Simona Bostan

by Simona Bostan

Are you going to exhibit at a trade-show anytime soon? Then read below what you need to prepare to make sure you make the most of it.

  • Pre Event

Setup your target and your goal. What you want to achieve is the most important thing you need to consider when you prepare for a trade-show.

Do you want to attract more customers and get feedback on a new product release? Then make sure you have good salespeople in your team attending the event.

Do you want to be remembered? You could create some unique and cool marketing materials and giveaways or design an impressive stand.

  • At the Event

Of course, at the event is the best way to show/promote/sell your product/s. So, make sure your team know the product/s inside-out.

You will need to appeal to senses – you cannot be too technical with someone that doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge. Keep it simple and generalise so that the potential customer will have an overall understanding of what you are offering.

Last but not least, think like a salesperson.

  • Post event

Now it is the right time to draw the line and discuss with your entire team what you have learned and how it went, so debrief and review with colleagues.

Don’t forget to follow up with leads and offer enough time for responses as everyone will be catching up with the workload.

You have collected enough information and feedback from the attendees. Plan for the future and think in advance if you want to exhibit at another show!

Good luck and contact us for the organisation of your next event.