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Top 5 Social Media Acquisitions In The Year Gone By

Mergers and acquisitions are not as rare as they used to be a few years back. Brands are collaborating with each other more than ever and this trend of acquiring a start-up with promise is here to stay. When it comes to social media, companies are constantly on the lookout for the best brands that could take the social universe my storm. We have seen the sudden eruption in the number of social apps and games being developed by companies in hope of them being acquired by the industry bigwigs. Here on this blog post, we review the Top 5 social media acquisitions of the year-gone bye.

Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr

Yahoo acquired Blogging site Tumblr in 2013. Tumblr is platform that allows and has access to an audience of younger demographic. This acquisition will boost the audience of Yahoo and help them deliver better content to readers. 

Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub

2013 was a great year for Twitter, not only did they go public but they surged ahead of their traditional social media rival Facebook.  MoPub is a mobile ad network and it is clear from this move that Twitter will encourage advertising and add as many revenue streams to their business model as possible.

Twitter’s acquisition of Vine

Vine really took the world by surprise in 2013. This short video sharing site was a rage and Twitter realized its potential really soon. Instagram and Facebook then replicated this unique offering of video sharing on social media sites as well.

Facebook’s acquisition of Atlas

Facebook acquired ad analytics site Altas. Since ads are Facebook’s only source of revenue, they adopted an approach for greater intelligence to govern the visibility and pricing of their ads in 2013. This is a valuable acquisition that will them ad value to their ad solutions.

LinkedIn’s acquisition of Pulse

LinkedIn acquired “news reader” site Pulse in 2013. This move was aimed at improving and expanding the content generation ability of LinkedIn 2013. LinkedIn made several changes to their layouts in 2013 as well. Pulse’s acquisition is an attempt by LinkedIn to make certain their users spend more time on the site by reading the news rather than just changing their profile information.


There were several other acquisitions of/by social media companies in 2013. The trend is proof that people are now seriously using social media effectively in every sphere of life. This makes companies to adopt newer way to attract new users and hence more buck for advertising.  

Simona Bostan

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