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LinkedIn Files Lawsuit Against Unidentified Hackers

After being subject to an attack from hackers, in which they created several fake accounts to “scrape” data of profile. As per the documents in the public domain, this attack was a result of several bots (automated) via computers that were leased from Amazon.

The legal counsel of LinkedIn have stated it cost the company $5,000 in the process of tackling the hackers.  The lawsuit was filed at the Northern District of California court.

LinkedIn’s statement to the court has stated the following:

"Since May 2013, unknown persons and/or entities employing various automated software programs (often referred to as "bots") have registered thousands of fake LinkedIn member accounts and have extracted and copied data from many member profile pages. This practice, known as data 'scraping,' is explicitly barred by LinkedIn's User Agreement, which prohibits access to LinkedIn through scraping, spidering, crawling or other technology or software used to access data without the express written consent of LinkedIn or its Members."

LinkedIn’s spokesperson Richard George said:

“We’re a members-first organization and we feel we have a responsibility to protect the control that our members have over the information they put on LinkedIn.”

There is no evidence that can specifically identify the hackers but the company claims the attack was carried out via Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. The motive of the hackers is not understood as yet but LinkedIn claims that damage that has caused the company is not reparable.

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