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Google To Now Encrypt User Searches

Technology giant Google intends to broaden the campaign the company against hacking and surveillance of the government by making searches of its users more private. Google in China to defy the censorship model of the country has already implemented this. Google aims to better the information security especially since reports about US government ‘s surveillance emerged last year.
Encrypted search results will now be introduced by Google but date of release of his update has not been announced yet.  But the process of encryption has already begun for users in China. This update by Google in China is seen as a move by the company to defy the government in China that wants Google to redirect users to their official websites. This resulted in Google moving to Hong Kong thereby accounting for only 5% of search market in China.
This attempt of Google to encrypt user searches is followed by a move to encrypt the online traffic amidst their data centers post the revelations by Edward Snowden regarding the surveillance of US online traffic by the NSA.
As a Google spokesperson put it:
“The revelations of this past summer underscored our need to strengthen our networks. Among the many improvements we’ve made in recent months is to encrypt Google Search by default around the world. This builds on our work over the past few years to increase the number of our services that are encrypted by default and encourage the industry to adopt stronger security standards.”
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