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How To Access Twitter In Turkey During The Ban

The Turkish government is attempting to cut off the access to Twitter due to the severe criticism the government is receiving before the elections. However, they have not been able to induce a blanket ban as yet, especially due to several workarounds.
As per Morgan Marquis-Boire who happens to be a researcher related security feels it isn’t to tough to ban a website across a country as the online traffic moves via the computers of limited ISP. As per him, the government when intends to ban a website like Twitter, asks the ISP’s to route any request to these websites to a dead-end corner of the Web.
However, in Turkey, the government has also banned access to Twitter on mobiles phones. But there are methods by which this ban can be subverted.
Users on the web may use VPN that makes use of a non-public channel. They must make use of programs like Tor that mask the location of the computer or the IP address and re-route traffic to servers around the globe before reaching the end.
This will allow the users in Turkey look like they are trying to access Twitter.com from New York and allow them to use the site. This mode of accessing Twitter will delay the speed a bit due to the re-routing.
There is another method to access Twitter in Turkey, which is based on Twitter as a medium to send text messages. Twitter is connected with numerous carriers in countries that include Turkey. They have given short codes to users that help them tweet.
By typing in the code – either 2444 or 2555 in Turkey, users can tweet. Twitter will then match the phone number of the sender with that of his/her Twitter account. This is a helpful method when no other option is available. Only those users that follow you will receive the texts.
Twitter notified their users in Turkey to tweet using texting service during the shutdown. Twitter presented the same proposal to users in Venezuela when the government implemented restricted access to Twitter.
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