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Reddit compiles reddit_101 to help users

Reddit’s interface and long conversation threads can be tough to comprehend for a first-timer. Hence, several subreddits (in excess of 200) joined hands to curate an official guide for news and information aggregation on Reddit this week. Their goal is to help users enjoy the site and also understand the guidelines of the site.

Despite the company being around 10 years old, several new users keep discovering the site and want to read and make sense of it. A section called "reddiquette" comprises of FAQ’s, rules and etiquette tips.  It is available on the bottom of the Reddit homepage.

However, most users requested that all rules should be available at a singular location. Hence the site took up this measure to offer a better experience for their users. But Reddit has not developed this guide on its own and it is more of collaboration.

As per mashable, the representative of Reddit said:

"The community ... came together to build this guide and are featuring it as a stickied thread. We think it's great that our community is working together to help educate new users on best practices for the site, and it's something we are supporting on our end as well."

Some of the main features of this one-stop-guide include all basic Reddit website definitions and terms, reporting bugs and rules for posting comments and content.

This is a great new initiative by the company and is bound to make the website more enjoyable for existing as well as new users.

Simona Bostan

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With her move to B3W in 2010 she used her accumulated knowledge and designed a custom made Affiliate System for B3W.

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