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Third-party poker software providers PokerTracker, Holdem Manager merge

There are new developments in the third-party poker software industry. Two major brands - and service providers - PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager have decided two combine forces. This merger has given birth to a new firm called Max Value Software, LLC.
Derek Charles of PokerTracker was quoted by pokernews, saying:
"We believe that the merger of PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager into one unified company allows us to better represent our customers in the market and to ultimately provide better software and tools for the average online poker player”.
Jim Varnon of Hold’em Manager said:
"We realize that the most successful companies are those that drive the customer experience, that is why the merger is so exciting. The development efficiency that our new company brings will create opportunities to improve all aspects of our user experience.”
Certain sections of the online poker community have raised questions over the merger and made their doubts public on forums and social media. The major concern of the poker community is a possible increase in the cost of purchasing or leasing the software as there is no other major competitor.
Marketing Director, Steven McLoughlin of the newly formed Max Value Software refuted the speculation and said:
“The merger is designed to benefit the users of both PokerTracker and Holdem Manager while keeping both brands competitive. Both PT4 and HM2 have long advocated reviewing all free trial options before making a purchase, we see no reason why that should change, we encourage users to choose the best option for their own online poker workflow. We have disclosed in our Merger FAQ that we do not anticipate any pricing changes for PT4 of HM2, our sales model is already proven to work very well due to the economies of scale that help us to keep the cost of our software as low as reasonably possible. It is in our best interest to keep our pricing low and highly competitive, this helps us sell more licenses. That is unlikely to change.”
Another worry for players is a decrease in the speed of upgrades and innovation in the software due to complacency of there being no competition and a monopoly of the market.
The duo has nearly 25 competitors that include the likes of Poker Office, Magic Holdem, Holdem Indicator and Poker Copilot. 
Steven McLoughlin responded to this fear among player by saying:
“Eventually we will release cloud based tracking solutions but there is no need to fear this change. This product is not designed to replace PokerTracker or Holdem Manager, it is there to augment our existing offerings. Our management team remains committed to delivering HM3 and PT5 someday in the future. We do not want to rock the boat, it is in our best interest to continue to deliver the same level of service and we will continue to strive to exceed our customers’ expectations."
"A major benefit of the merger will be a sharing of behind-the-scenes technology that was never before possible. We are confident that this will lead to better and faster innovation thanks to the reduction of functionality that used to be duplicated by both brands. We are already incorporating some key technologies behind the scenes that will allow for faster patch releases, the majority of shared technology may not be obvious to the end user but it is expected to help the two brands develop faster and more efficiently."
It is obvious, the two giants of third-party poker software provider industry have merged to seize control of the market and negate the harm they have caused to each other over the years in terms of market share. With the two on one side, it remains to be seen, as to which route product innovation will take. Will there by rapid technology improvements or will there be stagnation fuelled by lack of competition and market domination?
Simona Bostan

Simona is coming from a financial background, finishing her BA in Banking and Finance. She started to get into the Igaming World as a Customer Care Agent with Unibet in 2007.

Always seeking to optimize her work she left Unibet and joined Freespin Casino as an Affiliate Executive where she learned all the tricks of the trade.

With her move to B3W in 2010 she used her accumulated knowledge and designed a custom made Affiliate System for B3W.

She has a vast knowledge in SEO and Optimize Affiliate Marketing for Clients, bring new Affiliates to the Client, negotiate deals, motivate an existing portfolio of Affiliates, optimize and develop their performance to maximize player traffic, networking.

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