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In blow to iGaming industry, Israel to ban racing and gambling machines

In a significant new development, Israel is all set to ban gambling machines and horse racing betting in the country.

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Justice Ministry Director General Emi Palmor announced this decision at a joint press conference.

This action of the government comes on the back of a report by the Commission on Gambling Regulations.

The two ministers revealed that their ministries would bring into effect all the recommendations made by the commission.

Some of them involve a cap on the size of the regulated iGaming market, ban on games with an addictive nature, increase in tax on the revenues from iGaming among others.

Currently, the only two companies that are operating with the government’s consent are Mifal HaPayis and Sports Betting Council.

Earlier in the year, the government published a report that argued for the benefits of gambling revenues to the economy. With the latest decision however, all hopes of Israel allowing casinos are certainly dashed.

Commenting on the decision of the two ministries, Kahlon said:

“Israel’s weakest and poorest are being sold illusions and false hopes every day. As of next year, there will not be a single gambling machine or any horse racing in Israel.

“It is no coincidence that these gambling machines are found mostly in poor neighborhoods. It is also not a coincidence that we see a sharp rise in lottery revenue the day after welfare checks are sent out every month.

“Unregulated gambling exclusively and deliberately targets and hurts the country’s weakest communities so as long as I am finance minister, there will be no casinos in Israel."


Kai started working in the Gaming Industry in 2001 when he managed a Horse Betting Shop in Germany. With the more and more upcoming needs for Sportbetting Solutions for the German speaking market he moved in 2003 in Malta where he built up TopSportWetten, one of the first Sportbetting operators working from Malta with a Remote Gaming License.

In 2005 he moved to a new venture and joined the newly formed Team of BetUnited, a Company that had the goal to target the German speaking online market with a full portfolio of Betting, Poker, Casino and Games of Skill.

In 2007 he left BetUnited and concentrated on helping new Companies coming to Malta to obtain a remote gaming license and establish operators on the island.

In 2011 he founded Simka Consulting to combine his knowledge in the operational part of the IGaming Business with the Marketing expertise of Simona.

Past Projects:

  • TopSportWetten - Managing Director and Key Official
  • Bet United - Managing Director and Key Official
  • MMBet - Managing Director and Key Official
  • Olympia Bet - Managing Director and Key Offical
  • Production Planning and Project Manager - Infratec Pro Ltd.

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