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Sheldon Adelson backed anti-online gambling bill reaches US Senate

Sheldon Adelson anti-online gambling
Senator Lindsey Grahams bill re-imposing a ban on all forms of online gambling in USA has reached the Senate. 
In other words, the Senator’s bill would effectively mean online gambling within the US would be illegal.
In 2011, Department of Justice (DoJ) ruled that online gambling, barring sports betting, was legal. Following the ruling, Nevada followed by Delaware and New Jersey legalized online gambling within their states.
Other states contemplating to do the same includes Pennsylvania and California.
This latest bill would wipe the slate clean, as it states that all online gambling should be banned and deemed illegal.
Since there is no grandfather clause (permitting already functional operators to continue), those running online poker rooms in the aforementioned states would be hit the hardest.
Graham has already announced his plans to run for Republican Party’s presidency nomination. Las Vegas Sands boss and billionaire Sheldon Adelson, another anti-online gambling crusader, is his strong backer. In order to protect his business interests, the Adelson has invested millions of his own money to support Graham’s bill.
As per media reports from within the industry, the real winners after this latest development would be political lobbyists earning in millions by working for the anti and pro Adelson camps. 
Now the bill will have to go to select committees, following which there will be a vote for or against it. However, the fact it has reached the Senate has got the pro-online gambling faction worried.
Adelson clout, backed by his million, could now come into play by pushing this bill faster than usual.

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In 2005 he moved to a new venture and joined the newly formed Team of BetUnited, a Company that had the goal to target the German speaking online market with a full portfolio of Betting, Poker, Casino and Games of Skill.

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