Who do i promote?

by Simona Bostan

Who do i promote?

by Simona Bostan

by Simona Bostan

If you are an affiliate, you get a vast number of casinos, sportsbook, poker, bingo etc. operators to promote on your website and your other marketing channels.

Do you always take the best decision to promote a new operator?

Here are 5 things you should consider and make your decision easier:

  1. License

Every serious operator will have a license for providing gambling in the jurisdictions they intend to promote their product/s. For an affiliate, a licensed operator means that it will gain their players trust, on time payments and many other benefits.

  • Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions before signing up, always. They need to be transparent, easy to understand, legal and it will give you an overall idea of their business practice.

Some operators might include in their T&C the length of the collaboration (for example: you can be terminated if you do not bring new players within a period of time and you will receive no further income from your current players), monthly revenue calculation formula can differ, restrictions on how to market etc.

  • Commission Deal

Equally important is how much you can get to promote a product. Some operators are flexible and offer a variety of commission types, such as: revenue share, CPA (cost per acquisition), Hybrid deal (combination of both revenue share and CPA), CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille), retainer deal etc.

If you consider that your website and traffic is valuable and you need a better deal than what is advertised on their website, don’t hesitate to get in contact directly with the operator and negotiate yourself a better deal or contact us and we will negotiate on your behalf.

  • Marketing

The operator has an active marketing department. You will get access to different marketing materials, some exclusively for your players if you request that, seasonal offers and in general they are always trying to keep the players engaged and their retention % is quite high.

  • Relationship

It is important to have a good relationship with your business partner. Get to know the Affiliate Manager representing the operator, build trust, have a direct access line to him/her for any questions/issue you might encounter.

Good luck!